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Leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

We don’t teach entrepreneurs how to pitch.

We teach entrepreneurs how to identify, understand and leverage


CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Services for Entrepreneurs & SMEs

Every business and business owner is unique. The challenges you face and the opportunities before you however, are the same. When you have the idea, we’ll help you articulate and implement it so it can flourish.  Work-life balance is a myth for Entrepreneurs. If you’re doing what you’re meant to do, Work IS Life.  

We believe this through and through.

And with The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology, we’ll help you believe it too.

Understanding Your Target Market & Getting In Front of Your Target Customers

After you’ve defined your idea, how do you get it out to those who want or need it? The barriers that exist between you and your customers are real. The good news is they’re easy to overcome when you use the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology. Really, everything you need to know about your market and how to reach them is in the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data that already exists. You just have to learn how to hear it. We’ve developed these practical tools to help you do just that.

Market Point of Entry Matrix™
Every market has its formal and informal structures. This exercise helps you to identify and understand all the possible actions and categories of people (we call them stakeholders) involved in getting your business idea in front of your customers.

Key Message Matrix™
One size does not fit all. This is about mapping out all of the various stakeholder groups who would be/should be interested in your business idea. Then it’s about identifying the key message(s) for each stakeholder group and getting them out.

Opportunity Matrix™
This is about mapping out what you’ve already done (or can do) to reach your various stakeholders, tracking responses, and then establishing next steps for those opportunities.

Triple Find™ Exercises
These exercises are designed to help you:
1. Leverage who you know now (without being sleazy, cheezy or inauthentic).
2. Identify your target audience and where they gather so you can find them.
3. Develop your profile in your target market so your target clients can find you. Imagine.

Accountability & Taking Action (Where the Rubber Hits the Road – Jack!)

Let’s face it, everyone needs a little help when they get stuck. And because Entrepreneurs generally “do it all” in their businesses (until they learn how to find others to help!) they get stuck pretty easily, and often, without anyone close by to see that they’re stuck, and because they don’t let on that they are stuck, there’s no one around to help them up.  Sound like you?

Here’s a bit of wisdom from one Entrepreneur to another …


S-A-L-E-S Training & Coaching
Most Entrepreneurs dread having to sell. In fact they don’t even like to use the ‘S’ word. And only a handful are actually good at it. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – there are things you can do to leverage your personal style (and comfort zones) to build your business. Our coaching services are based on CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 selling principles and leverage the Agreement-Based Sales® Model to help you learn new skills and form new habits so you can build your business – in your style – and maybe even enjoy it along the way.

If you want some of that, we’re ready for you.

Presentations and Proposals
You finally have the opportunity to get your business idea in front of a key client. You have everything riding on the presentation. Where do you start? How do you put it together? Don’t go it alone. We can help. We have years of corporate experience writing proposals, developing key account sales strategies, writing keynote presentations and coaching presenters.

When you can’t afford to lose, call us, we’re ready for you.

Other Consulting Services

USP Identifier™ for Service Providers, Trainers & Coaches
Are you a service provider, trainer, or coach? Are you having a hard time describing what it is you actually do for your clients? Or how you’re different from your competition? We can help. Using our Unique Service Proposition (USP) Identifier™ model, we can literally ‘pull’ these out of you in a way that your clients can understand and that you can market.

Call us when you’ve had enough of trying to do this on your own.

When Business Growth Leads to Hiring
Quality Control so you can “Let Go”

When you’re ready to expand your business and bring other people on board, you’ll need a number of systems and processes to keep everyone on the same page. It starts with articulating your process so that others can represent it; and it involves creating training programs, templates and tools so that others can duplicate your process; and, then it involves management and oversight so that others stay focused and inspired. We can help you with all that.

>When you have the will, call us and we’ll help you find the way.

Business planning
Whether you’re just starting out, or you want more from your business, you know you SHOULD have a business plan for it. And luckily for you, there’s a ton of free resources online to help you create one.

Unluckily for you though, there’s a lot of hype about business planning; who should do a business plan, when you should do one, what should be in your plan, how long your plan should be, how often you should review it, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  None of this will be of much help to you if at the very thought of creating a business plan you run for the biggest rock you see to hide under it!

The business planning process has gotten a bad wrap – and for good reason! Current methods of creating one suck. And they tend to suck the joy out of why you started your business in the first place.

We don’t follow those methods.

We’ll show you how easy it is (really) to create a simple business plan with the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology.

When you’re ready for that, we’re ready for you.


We're Ready When You Are

We teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses by understanding and leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of their target market.