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Services for Professionals

Leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

We don’t teach professionals how to pitch.

We teach professionals how to identify, understand and leverage


Sales & Service Skills Development for “Non-Sales People”

Selling with CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Intelligence

When you’re ready to abandon traditional supplier-biased methods of selling; when you’re ready to have a better experience for yourself with the sales process, register for the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Selling with the Agreement Based Sales® Model Program. We’ll help you learn new skills and form new habits so you can build a practice without the process of building it sucking the joy out of what you do.

This is about re-wiring your thought patterns about what sales and selling is all about. You will learn:

  • How to develop a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 lens.
  • How knowing The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 can truly enable business development with ease.
  • Introduction to CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Selling, with the Agreement Based Sales® model.
  • How to leverage The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 to:
    • Differentiate yourself;
    • Build your profile;
    • Build business with existing clients.

When you’re ready to re-wire your thought patterns about selling, contact us to learn how.

Presentation & Proposal Coaching

You finally have the opportunity to get your services and solutions in front of a key client. You’re invited to tell your story or share your expertise in a speaking engagement. You have everything riding on it. Where do you start? How do you put it together? Don’t go it alone. We can help. We have years of corporate experience writing proposals, developing key account sales strategies, preparing pitch teams for the big day, writing keynote presentations and coaching presenters.

Contact us to learn more.

Business/Practice Planning

Let’s face it. Most professionals dread the thought of creating a practice plan – and if you feel this way – you have good reason!

Here’s how it plays out at most professional services firms: Every year, at around the same time, you are morally persuaded to submit a practice plan (which is actually just an action plan, disguised as a practice plan), which then may or may not be reviewed by your firm’s management, but which for sure will find its home at the bottom of your drawer never to be considered again…until the next time you are morally pursuaded to complete one …

Sound familiar?

Because this is likely the way it plays out for you at your firm, we’re afraid you haven’t been introduced to the real benefits of planning.

So let us help you:

  • Understand the (real) purpose of planning
  • Learn the difference between a practice plan and an action plan
  • Learn how to create a practice plan that has the power to motivate you
  • Provide templates to get you started

Note: Each of these services can be delivered in a variety of ways; however, we know that adults learn best when they are supported to apply what they are learning. We leverage Group initiatives to transfer knowledge and Coaching initiatives for applied learning. Read more about our LEAP Adult Learning® philosophy here.

Contact us when you’re ready to create a business plan that works for you.

Business Development Staff Mentorship

Leading Change from a Non-Authoritative Leadership position

Exclusively for professional services firm management and staff who have ever experienced push-back or inertia when leading an initiative forward in their firm.

As trusted advisors to your firm’s management, you’re called upon, in fact hired, to help your firm run like a business. So you already have a desire to lead change. But in so doing, you’ve come up against push-back. Most organizations have some level of politics, and professional services firms are no different. Your success really depends on three things: Building relationships to get consensus, how you choose the initiative and how you implement the initiative. But where do you start?

Inside the context of “client service excellence”, we introduce you to a tried, tested and true process you can use when your goal is to move an agenda forward. This session is offered in a facilitated roundtable format to help participants walk away with practical, tangible actions they can take within their firm immediately following the session.

Contact us to learn more.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Ambassador Program

The corporate counsel voice about what they want from their law firms is not new, but it is gaining in momentum and it is crystal clear. Know your clients. Invest in them. And take risks for them.  The time is now to adopt a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Ambassador Program in your firm. But how can you do it without losing your mind?

This is a “Train The Trainer” format and is designed to give those in intermediate/senior marketing roles the tools they need to develop and to lead a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Program within their own firm. They will:

  1. Be introduced to a proven workshop curriculum that helps lawyers understand what their own CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 barometer is reading.
  2. Be introduced to a proven set of learning and development tools that help lawyers improve their CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 scores.
  3. Be given all the tools required to deliver this Program in-house.

Contact us to learn more.

A la Carte Sales Training Tools

Comprehensive training modules for business development staff to use internally with their groups (Industry, Practice or Client).


  • Business Planning
  • Profile Building
  • Converting Leads to Clients
  • File Implementation & Client Management
  • Cross-Selling


Select one or more of the following formats to customize your delivery:


LEAP Opportunity Worksheets

–          Checklists & Templates

–          Facilitator’s notes


Contact us to learn more!

Program Content & Curriculum Development

How you develop your firm’s talent is directly related to what you want to accomplish
  1. Produce a measurable difference for the one participating – or –
  2. Ensure the development opportunity is integrated within your firm’s learning and development framework and other programs offered – or –
  3. Create sustainable change in your firm through a mindset and culture shift – or –
  4. All three?

Your answer will depend on a number of factors. A standard program development process may not fit all of your firm’s learning needs. We’ll help you design a learning program that creates the conditions to achieve the results you seek.

Our skills development programs leverage the latest in Adult Learning Principles

Whichever outcome you seek, we’ll help you develop and implement programs based on the LEAP Adult Learning® system rooted in the adult learning principles of outcomes-based, goal-oriented and learner-centred initiatives. Learn more about Adult Learning Principles and the LEAP Adult Learning® System here or contact us.


Podium Speaking

Podium Speaking

Your challenge: Finding an engaging, memorable and insightful speaker for your client, firm or special event.

Your solutionContact us!

With a background in the performing arts, Catherine has a proven track record for reading audiences and delivering just the right messages at just the right time. Check out her podium experience in Professional Services, here.

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