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Profile building should surely be about you – right?  I mean, how could it be about anyone else?

Even though profile building technically is all about you –  if you apply a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach to your efforts – you will actually add value to your clients and contacts and differentiate yourself at the same time. So your profile building efforts can be a win-win for everyone (rather than a ‘me-me’).

Here’s what profile building with a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Lens looks like:

  1. The purpose of profile building is to help your target audience find you.
  2. You must be where your target market is to build your profile. This is easier to do when you have a clearly defined target market and you know where participants in it gather.
  3. You must participate regularly in your target market, either virtually or in person. This means more than a ‘drive by appearance’ now and then.
  4. You must consistently make an impact. Impact is created when you are memorable. Help others and associate your name with specific views and expertise about subjects your target market cares about (content marketing)
  5. It takes time to build profile. If you are starting from scratch, and following these principles, expect to invest at least three years before your name and expertise is commonplace in your target market.
  6. Be patient and stick with it. If you follow these principles, your investment today will pay off tomorrow).

* These principles apply equally for building profile alone or in a team.  The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 is always your strongest vantage point.

If you are going to invest time and resources into building your profile and associating your name with specific views and expertise – wouldn’t you also benefit from applying an approach that adds value and differentiates you at the same time?  That’s what I call efficiency. Thank you CLIENT-EXPERIENCE 2.0 Lens!

As always, I wish you good business success!


ps. There is an alternative. You could make it about you and you’re sure to act like, look like and sound like everyone else. But that’s not really advisable in a crowded, mature marketplace.


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