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If you’ve been away from a business-building strategy for some time, or haven’t yet gotten started – and – it’s been on your to-do list for too long… this Blog post is for you! I resurrected it from the archives, dusted it off and added the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 lens to it – all in the name of helping my colleagues stop beating themselves up for not Blogging more regularly (you know who you are!). I hope you, and everyone else who reads this, finds it of value.


Hi there! It’s been a while since I published a post here… well six months actually. You might think this is common. In fact it is: Most who start blogs have good intentions but don’t actually follow through…they start strong and fizzle out.

I think I have a good ‘excuse’ for my absence (like having a baby), but nonetheless, I actually chose to start my Blog before my son was born, knowing that I would have a period of non-activity for a while, because I wanted something to come back to. It was an anchor of sorts – to ground me when I came back up for air.

So when it came time to start thinking about returning to this Blog, I found myself asking “When’s the right time and have I missed it?”

I bet at some point in thinking about growing your own business you’ve asked yourself “When’s the right time to start?”  or “When’s the right time to get back at it?”

And, the most common dilemma business owners and professionals have is “When’s the right time to get back in touch with a contact if it’s been a while since we connected? And, have I missed my chance?”

Motivational speakers will say “NOW”! We even have modern nomenclature around this concept:

  • There’s no better time than the present.
  • Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Just do it.

I came across a fantastic Blog post on this very topic today, Why procrastination doesn’t need a cure, by Belle Beth Cooper, Content Crafter at Buffer and Co-founder of Hello Code. (funny how when you’re thinking about something, you find evidence of it all of a sudden! I found reference to this post in my Twitter feed today!). It’s a well written synopsis of current thought on the matter by esteemed researchers and scientists. And all of this research seems to confirm that procrastination is not uncommon, but also that it is not necessarily a bad thing.

But if these inspirational quotes and bodies of research leave you less than motivated to get you moving (like they did for me), then listen to your gut. There’s a good reason why NOW is not the right time.

Here’s a mind-blowing (and more powerful) way to look at why you might be procrastinating with the business-building or client contact task staring you down:You’re not ready and you have nothing to say.

What does all of this have to do with The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0?

Everything. If a client strategy feels awkward to you – it will for sure feel awkward to the contact at the other end of it. So trust yourself and don’t force an action or activity because you think you have to do it NOW, be sure you are ready and you have something to say.

The “being ready” part can involve a short or long term plan. It depends on how “not ready” you are and if you need to develop confidence and or skill first.

The “having something to say” part is easy if you practice the discipline of CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Selling with the Agreement Based Sales® Program. Something from your attention to the EXPERIENCE your contact is already having will give you more than you need for an authentic reason to get back in touch, and it will surely give you ample to write about if Blog procrastination is your vice.

I will continue to illuminate The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 and its value to you; as a supplier trying to cut through the clutter of a noisy marketplace to reach your target audience, and to those who have the fortune of being served by you; until we’ve adopted this as our platform for the whole business building endeavor.

Thoughts? Comments? I welcome and encourage them.

And as always, I wish you good business success.



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