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The professions are in flux. The tide is turning and the client voice is gaining ground. Data about what clients want from their professional services providers has never been more bountiful. It all points (in various ways) to the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of the market (the experience participants in this market are already having). But the professions are scrambling to respond with antiquated systems and processes (billable hour, compensation structures, ill-equipped leadership structures and skills development for substantive-only subjects etc.) that were built with themselves at the forefront, not their clients. Good work alone is not enough anymore.


What results for yourself and your practice could you imagine if you had both joy and profit in your practice?

The voice inside your head likely said something resembling this: “I’d be doing what I really want to do, I would be able to build my practice with ease instead of stress and strain, I’d have better control over not only my daily activities, but also my future.”

And, if you’re already at the brink of leaving the profession because you just don’t think you can do what you have to do to build it the way you think you’re supposed to build it, then the voice in your head probably said something like this: “Well, if I can truly find a way to make this work without it sucking the life out of me (like all other attempts have done), it might be enough for me to reconsider my exit strategy. Hmmm. Interesting. You’ve got my attention.”

What do you think your clients would experience if you had confidence in your sales approach?

We guarantee that when you use a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach to building your practice, your clients will experience: Being heard. Being served. Downright delight.


We work with Professionals

We work with Firm Management & Staff

Lawyers | Accountants | Engineers
When you are a professional in an accounting, engineering or law firm and you want to advance, you first need to demonstrate your ability to build a sustainable practice. At some point along your journey you experience challenges, roadblocks or setbacks in one or more of these areas:

  • Finding clients;
  • Keeping clients;
  • Cross-selling;
  • Building your profile;
  • Breaking into new markets;
  • Taking your practice to the next level; or
  • Leading a practice group, industry or client initiative.

Our Selling with CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Intelligence programs help you turn your practice (and career) goals into reality. Each can be delivered in the following formats.

  • Group Training Programs
  • Individual Coaching and Advisory Programs
  • Self-Study Programs

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Management & Staff
As a member of the support team behind the professionals in your firm, you want to provide them with leading edge advantages so they succeed. But they (and you) are fatigued by the resource choices available. The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach is a differentiator. 

We offer the following services, rooted in a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach, to help you meet your goals:

  • Learning Program Content & Curriculum Development
  • Business Development Staff Mentoring
  • Tactical Business Development Support (A la Carte tools)
  • Keynote/Retreat Podium Presentations

Learn more about how we can help you.


Client Development Skills Training 


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Curriculum development and program facilitation for Senior Associates

  • Regional Litigation Law Firm: 50 Professionals
  • Regional Full Service Law Firm: 14 Professionals
  • National Forensic Engineering Firm: 50+ Professionals
  • National Law Firm: 400 professionals
  • National Law Firm: 700+ professionals

Client Development Skills Coaching


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Coaching only, no curriculum development

  • Senior Associates & Partners. Regional Mid-size Accounting Firm
  • Senior Associates & Non-Equity Partners. National Large Law Firm

Practice Group Planning


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  • Technology Information Practice Group
  • Technology, Privacy & Data Management Group
  • Employment & Labour Practice Group
  • Pension & Employee Compensation Group

Interim Marketing Director


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  • Regional Mid-size Accounting Firm

Our programs are appealing to any size firm serious about empowering their professionals to build profitable (and joyful) practices.

Law firm experience: We’ve worked with firms ranging in size from small boutique to large nationals. And we have supported law professionals at all stages of their career, from Articling Student to Equity Partner, in all currently known practice areas, in all regions of Canada.

Accounting firm experience: Our experience spans all practice areas and career stages.

Engineering firm experience: Our experience includes Forensic Engineering with support for Senior Managers.

Our clients are happy to share their good news and endorse our services.  For an extensive list of referrals, please contact us directly.




Here are some of the practical, tangible outcomes lawyers, accountants, engineers and their management professionals have enjoyed while working with The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach:


  • They have a practice plan (often for the first time) and they have begun to implement it.

  • They understand how to turn CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 information into intelligence.

  • They know how to integrate client development initiatives into their daily tasks and client work.

  • They have more confidence in their ability to build client relationships without having to change who they are or become someone else in the process.

  • They have formed new process habits and have new disciplines to keep them focused and on track.

  • They have grown their practices!

  • They understand how to integrate individual program participant learning back into the practice group and across the firm to change behaviours firm-wide.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

I had no idea there was going to be so much “inner work” to do when I initially signed up for the Business Development Coaching program offered at my firm. I’m grateful there was. The JoyfulProfit process literally lifted me off my feet and transported me to a different place, a place I needed to go to lay the groundwork for the practice I was building.

Partner, Business Law, Large National Law Firm

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Catherine in a variety of settings for twenty years. I have seen first hand the joy and professionalism Catherine brings when coaching, mentoring and dare I say, challenging individuals to understand their personal and professional engagements using a different/unique lens. Staff members continue to rave about the experience, support and most importantly, lasting impact. I highly recommend that you consider The Joyfulprofit Movement!

Ron Lirette, Executive Director, St Michael's Homes (formerly, Executive Director, Dorothy Ley Hospice)

Catherine is a powerhouse in business development training. She brings enormous energy and expertise to her training sessions, not only teaching the key elements of business development but also modelling them. She “gets” lawyers and law firms and understands the challenges they face in seeking and retaining clients. Catherine also made my life as a PD Director easy; she helped me to focus my goals for training our lawyers in this area, and provided me with seemingly endless support.

National Director, Professional Development (firm of 700 + Lawyers)

Catherine, I was recently thinking about you/quoting you while strategizing to get a “second date” with a prospect. Because your methodologies are so practical, I continue to be influenced by them long after our initial work together. Thank you for making the sales process so easy.

Senior Manager, Regional Mid-Size Accounting Firm

I want to thank you again for another outstanding ALA Webinar, “Law Firm Innovation: Will You Lead or Follow?” on March 17, 2010. I appreciate that you created and presented a very strong program for our members with content that moves to a higher level of thinking and planning about developing the law firm’s “talent” – the associates and partners. I was particularly interested in your discussion of how to develop talent, i.e. outcomes-based, goal-directed, or learner-centered.

Rosemary Shiels, J.D., Professional Development Program Manager, ALA

I thoroughly enjoyed the program. Catherine is easy to work with. I became more conscious of the fact that I can engage in business development activities as part of my day-to-day practice (e.g. asking business development related questions during client meetings). I also liked that the program confirmed some of the things I was doing instinctively.

Non-Equity Partner, National Mid-size Law Firm

I highly recommend this program to people who want to develop their practices but don’t know how or who have hit a roadblock.

Non-Equity Partner, National Mid-size Law Firm

I can’t say enough good things about Catherine. She is business minded, provides useful tools and focuses on results, rather than just talking about what you are going to do.

Non-Equity Partner, National Mid-size Law Firm

My biggest challenge was time management; so learning to integrate Business Development into my legal work was good.

Non-Equity Partner, National Mid-size Law Firm

We're Ready When You Are

We teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses by understanding and leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.