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About The JoyfulProfit Movement

Innovating The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship

The JoyfulProfit Movement is an example of the  New Paradigm for Doing Business


The JoyfulProfit Movement is about innovating The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship so that both CLIENTS and SUPPLIERS net more profit and more joy from the exchange. We believe the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship is broken and we’re doing something about it.

How will The JoyfulProfit Movement innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship?

We will innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship when:

    1. Together, we all change the way we talk about Sales and Selling. This means having an appreciation for the historical purpose for sales and selling (which as given rise to the dysfunction that exists in the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship, and then evaluating current sales models for evidence that they do not dismantle, but rather continue to contribute to this historical dysfunction. Please follow The JoyfulProfit Movement Blog and contribute.
    2. SUPPLIERS learn how to see the work they do from the EXPERIENCE of their clients; not the EXPERIENCE the SUPPLIER would like them to have, but the EXPERIENCE they are already having (we call this CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0). This means evaluating current thought on Client Experience matters from this distinction. That is what the JoyfulProfit Resources website (the one you’re on now) is about. SUPPLIER training programs and marketing tools rooted in this CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach are available here.

Why we know we’ll get there

We take a stand everyday for a better CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship. We are patiently persistent in our pursuits to illuminate The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. We are courageous in the face of the status quo. Read more about our tenacity here.

Where you fit in

Your voice is important. Your contributions are welcome. Be part of this change. There is room for both the CLIENT and the SUPPLIER voice here. Both will enhance – and help us to change – this relationship.


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