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This is the real transcript of a conversation I had not long ago over email with a friend of mine who was about to embark on a renovation for the first time E-V-E-R.  I kid you not. This is a true transcript of the dialogue (names changed or deleted to protect the “first timer”). If you are a Renovation Contractor, ask yourself this:  Can I handle working with “First-Timers”? Can I afford not to?



First Timer: “Reno is driving me crazy….one forward, two back.  We have a drawing from the contractor.  I wish I had a firm idea of what I want as I flip and change with each different view I get and make myself even more confused.”

Me: Sorry to hear of your renovation experiences.  How is the supplier helping you with all that?

First Timer: I must be very needy Catherine as no one I have come in contact with seems to give me the confidence to move to the next step and see the end vision. Ridiculous I know as I should darn well know what I want without expecting others to work that out for me.“

Me: You may be.  : )  But – you’re not alone. This is a very natural state for a ‘first timer’. Suppliers in these markets (who want to work with first timers) must understand this and offer services to help facilitate the first timer through the project. Otherwise, they’re not responding to the need that is present, and only responding to their need to implement a project (and make money doing it). This plagues all service industries (and the state of all client-supplier relationships, really). This is what I’m attempting to address/expose and resolve with The JoyfulProfit Movement.  Sigh… : )

First Timer:  “I think my friends and family will be so happy when this project is finished. I have been told I am over thinking it which is not unusual for me but I tend to be more decisive professionally.”

Me: Yes, OK, maybe so…but are you hearing the part I’m saying about how service providers who work with ‘people like you’ should serve you? This is really important.

While this might feel like it’s all about you – it’s really not. It’s speaking volumes to the ability of your supplier to understand you and help you make a decision (from the vast array of their experience working with ‘people like you’). Please (please please) do not make out like this is your fault. It’s quite common actually – and really needs to be explored up front so a supplier knows what they’re getting in to.

And this has nothing to do with how you make decisions professionally – that’s a completely different bailiwick – one in which you have a great deal of experience and confidence. Comparing the two is detrimental to your health : ) and all it does is convince you that ‘you are the problem’.

You might think you’re buying a bathroom reno – but you’re really buying the peace of mind that goes with being facilitated through the whole process. Doesn’t sound like you’re at peace of mind at all : )


So, if you’re a Renovation Contractor, what can you learn from this real-life (and all too common) scenario? 

The first thing I recommend you do is decide whether or not you are in the “First Timer” business – if not, don’t even quote on these types of projects.  If yes, then check out these services I’ve developed just for you when working with “First Timers”, or, call me, we’ll talk about how you can avoid the mistakes listed above, and not only win the wallets of “First Timers” but also their hearts and minds. And in the end, that’s what grows your wallet.

Thoughts? I’m happy to hear them! Are you a renovation contractor that loves (and excels at) working with “First Timers? Tell us! Post a comment below.


Until next time…

I wish you tremendous business success!



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