When a homeowner thinks of Air Duct Cleaning (that is, if they think about it at all), do you know what they think?  Likely that it’s messy, an expense they don’t have a budget for, that it’s not necessary, that they can’t stand the sales calls from overseas call centres pushing this service down our throats and that it is overall unpleasant and not at the top of their list.

Definitely not positive things. So why am I suggesting that Air Duct Cleaning could be your company’s advantage? The answer to this lies in understanding the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of the service you provide and how it could be a trigger for an Air Duct Cleaning service.

The power of The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

Like all my posts in this section, this comes from my own direct experience with home renovations and being a client of several types of home services suppliers and trades (my CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0). I offer this to you in the spirit of The JoyfulProfit Movement: To innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP so that both net more joy and more profit from the exchange.

Here are some examples of how Air Duct Cleaning can be an advantage for different types of suppliers to homeowner clients – but only if they are aware of and leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of their clients.

It starts with my home renovation – pretty major as far as I was concerned. We brought the main floor living space back to the studs and the floorboards, removed a load bearing wall, switched the location of a sliding door and window, re-designed the kitchen, had a site finished floor installed and went with full custom cabinetry in the kitchen and full wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling wall unit in the living area. A little bit of dust and construction debris, I’m sure.

My contractor didn’t mention a thing about air duct cleaning (and I didn’t think of it either – I was in the honeymoon phase of my completed reno).

Next came the furnace break-down in the middle of winter (why would it fail any other time/!). The HVAC specialist was a long term supplier to my parents, so I trusted him immediately. He installed a new high efficiency furnace and I felt satisfied about the product he installed and his service. I asked him about whether or not I should get my air ducts cleaned. He said something to the effect of “You won’t need to, this new blower will pump it all out and whatever comes in through the return branch will be picked up by your air filter. Just make sure to change it in about 60 days.”  So again. I didn’t think anything of it.

Then while enjoying my newly renovated living space I was overwhelmed with the amount of (visible) dust flying around the place. It didn’t help that all the custom cabinetry and the built-in was faced with shaker doors. Even the trim on the post and beam elements were shaker style. Dust was collecting everywhere and I couldn’t stay on top of it. And that’s what I could see…

Renovation Contractors – Listen up!

How easy would it have been for my renovation contractor to include an air duct cleaning service (or at least the option of one) as part of his value add to me:

a. Complimentary

b. At a discount

c. A referral to a trusted alliance partner

HINT: It would have been real easy. And real smart.

HVAC Suppliers – There’s opportunity for you too

What about the HVAC specialist? How easy would it have been for him to refer to me a trusted alliance partner in the air duct cleaning business? I mean, ducts are part of the whole HVAC system, even if the HVAC product and service industry is fragmented.  (If you’re an HVAC company, here’s a great opportunity for you to re-think your target market).

New Home/ Custom Home Builders

New home/custom home builders:  Imagine if part of your “key turnover” process was an air duct cleaning offer, either:

a. Complimentary

b. At a discount

c. A referral to a trusted alliance partner

Real Estate Agents – You too!

Real Estate Agents: Imagine if part of your buy-side service included a review of the home’s interior history, and an offer for an air duct cleaning service if it was in need of one. it could become the “new” Home Staging …  that used to be a premium, now it’s a cost of doing business for Agents. Think about it.

Closing thoughts

Picture this: You’ve just completed an amazing job for your homeowner client. While you managed the client’s expectations throughout the process and arrived at the finish line pretty much unscathed, is that enough to truly differentiate your service and your business from others who claim to be able to do the same? Only you know the true answer to that.

All of these business suggestions come from tapping into the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 (the experience your client is already having before, during and after they work with you). They are easy to implement and they will go a long way to fostering good will among your client and prospective client base.

Thoughts? I’m happy to hear them! Are you a home services supplier that does these types of value add things?  Tell us! Post a comment below.


Until next time…

I wish you tremendous business success!



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