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The Homeowner-Supplier relationship is loaded with “points of failure”, just about at every intersection; beginning with the fact that the relationship sits on a foundation of lack of trust and a bevy of homeowner emotions. Not a good start, regardless of who you are or what you provide.

To wish it were different doesn’t make it so. To recognize it and leverage it is wise.


The JoyfulProfit Movement

Home renovation problems are consistently among the top consumer complaints across Canada.

And dealing with homeowners is consistently among the top complaints of suppliers to this industry. Buyer remorse, post ‘halo’ effect of a new home purchase and after sales service are right up there as sources of major complaints in the new build industry.

This is because suppliers miss the opportunities that exist to change this dynamic when they don’t acknowledge the EXPERIENCE the client is actually having. We call it CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.

As a supplier to the home building and renovation industry, what would your business (and mindset, job satisfaction and stress level) look like, if your vantage point started with the EXPERIENCE your clients are actually having. What would a job site actually be? What possibilities might exist for you to add value to your clients and differentiate yourself at the same time?


You work in an emotionally charged environment, no matter how you look at it…..Why?


The Challenge

Only about 5% of adults can enjoy and learn from design plans. That means the rest of us find it a challenge to “get” or feel confident translating a plan on paper into real life or understanding how a décor choice sample will look in the large space it will eventually occupy.


Investment & Status

A home purchase is likely the largest financial investment a person will make. A home is a reflection of  identity and status in society.  Our relationship to money significantly influences our experience of a large purchase. And our relationship to status significantly influences how we feel about our home.



HGTV and other TV networks aimed at the home renovation experience portray an unrealistic client experience, and even though logically homeowners know this is not reality, it is what they wish they could have too.



Remodeling Causes Relationship Woes: 12 Percent of Couples Admit to Considering Separation or Divorce Mid-Remodel (houzz.com)



Even today, most new home purchases and most home renovations are for “first-timers” to the experience. First timers don’t know what they don’t know so often can’t ask informed questions.



While a homeowner client is a consumer (they are consuming for themselves, as opposed to a business buyer who is consuming on behalf of the company the work for), the mindset of a homeowner client is unlike any other type of consumer client.


How Suppliers Talk About Homeowners

This is insane. My clients expect me to be a psychiatrist, a marriage counselor, a magician, work for free, oh, and do it all without making a mess!


Renovation Contractor

This is driving me nuts. This client just doesn’t get what’s involved to make those changes.


Renovation Contractor

They just don’t get how expensive a renovation can be.  And they don’t get the value we provide. Project and trade management is a justifiable expense.


Renovation Contractor

Is this You?

If you are a builder, contractor, trades person, designer, decorator or materials and services supplier to the new home build or renovation industry, and, you see yourself in any of these scenarios, you’ve come to the right place:


  • You suffer through the sales, marketing and promotional aspects of building your business because you never learned how to market yourself and your work

  • Your clients have a hard time effectively relating to you, and you to them (you wonder why they don’t understand what you’re saying and why there is often friction in the dialogue).

  • You find it difficult to discuss payments and fees with your clients.

  • You don’t like having to share “bad news” or deal with “scope creep” with your clients.

  • You wish you could realize better margins on your projects.

  • You wonder why you don’t get more referrals from your clients (and wish you could).

Take Action

  1. Check out our Resources for Home Builders & Renovators page for access to free CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 tools that will help you create a JoyfulProfit business.

  2. Review our CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 services for Home Builders & Renovators.

  3. Then, when you’re ready to have JoyfulProfit in your business, contact us.

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