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Leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0


Below you will find a list of materials we offer for FREE. They are offered in the spirit of helping you to innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP by leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of our target market so you can build joy and profit in your business.

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Six Principles of Building Profile with a CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Lens

Profile building technically is all about you. But, when you build your profile within The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 framework, your profile building efforts can actually be of benefit to your target market. This Tip Sheet tells you how you can to that. Click here for more info and to download.


Checklist: Best Practices for Building Profile with Professional Associations

Simply being a member of a professional or industry association is not enough. And, “drive by” appearances now and then are not an effective way to build your profile. You must be present and engaged – regularly – to successfully leverage a Professional Association as a ‘gathering place’ for relationship building and business development purposes. This Checklist offers a road map.  Click here for more info and to download.


Understanding the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a Business Buyer

Just when you thought The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a homeowner was complex enough … The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a Business Buyer (someone who makes purchasing decisions on behalf of their business, company or organization) is a complicated and invisible mix of role-related and personal agendas. Good news or bad news? It depends on your vantage point. This is nothing but good news when you understand The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a Business Buyer. Click here for more info and to download.


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How To “Help” Homeowners Pay You What You’re Worth

Getting homeowners to value what you do when they don’t really understand what you do and all that goes into doing it. One of the biggest challenges interior designers and decorators face in growing their businesses. I’ve summarized the key points from designer Glen Peloso’s seminar at SOFA earlier this month. Lot’s of raw CE2.0 data in here – is your receiver tuned to this frequency?

How Home Builders, Renovators & Home Services Suppliers Are Leveraging Raw CE2.0 Data and Growing Their Businesses

Leveraging the raw CE2.0 data of your target market can be the difference between success and failure for your business. Why? Raw CE2.0 data often reveals the “elephant in the room”. When your products and services directly resolve the problems your clients wish they did not have, your clients are instantly aligned with you and your offer. This ensures the creation of a mutually authentic connection with your client. You’ll spend less time strategizing and more time producing. Everything you need to know to create a strategic plan for your business can be found in the raw CE2.0 data of your market. You can be bold and direct with your marketing strategies. There’s no trying in leadership. You are a leader or you’re not. Bold marketing helps you take the lead by differentiating in a crowded and confusing marketplace. Examples of businesses winning with raw CE2.0 data Greening Homes – A story about innovation The home renovation industry is not known for its marketing innovation and homeowners typically find it challenging to tell one contractor apart from another … not any more! Committed to being an impetus for change in what is often a very wasteful, unhealthy, and energy inefficient industry, this company is one to watch. With conviction and a quiet confidence that can only come from leveraging the raw CE2.0 data of your customers, founder Chris Phillips and crew are succeeding where others have failed. Check them out here:     Dave’s Ducts – A story about changing the face of an industry This is a story about heart, commitment and quiet leadership. Determined to help...

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