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Speaking Experience in Home Builder & Renovator Industry

Leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

Standing firmly (and respectfully) in the raw CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data of a home renovation or new home purchase, we inform and inspire all types of SUPPLIERS in these markets to look for the raw CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data (the experience the CLIENT is already having).  From there, we teach SUPPLIERS how to leverage the raw CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data so they and their CLIENTS net a more profitable, more joyful experience. Oh, and we bring some levity and humility to our approach.  We know our content is about you, not about us.


Sample Training & Speaking Events

Client Centricity:  What It Is and How It Can Impact Your Bottom Line: Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA) Professional Development Day Boot Camp, February 2013

Working Your Business: The IN & ON of it: Source of Furniture & Accessories (SOFA), September 2013  

How to Turn Raw CE2.0 Data into Power to Lead: Design/Décor Committee of the Building Industry & Land Development Association (BILD),  June 2014

How To “Help” Homeowners Pay You What You’re Worth

Getting homeowners to value what you do when they don’t really understand what you do and all that goes into doing it. One of the biggest challenges interior designers and decorators face in growing their businesses. I’ve summarized the key points from designer Glen Peloso’s seminar at SOFA earlier this month. Lot’s of raw CE2.0 data in here – is your receiver tuned to this frequency?

Looking for an engaging, memorable and inspirational speaker for your client or firm event?

JoyfulProfit Resources teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses by understanding and leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.