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Leveraging the raw CE2.0 data of your target market can be the difference between success and failure for your business. Why?

  1. Raw CE2.0 data often reveals the “elephant in the room”. When your products and services directly resolve the problems your clients wish they did not have, your clients are instantly aligned with you and your offer. This ensures the creation of a mutually authentic connection with your client.
  2. You’ll spend less time strategizing and more time producing. Everything you need to know to create a strategic plan for your business can be found in the raw CE2.0 data of your market.
  3. You can be bold with your marketing strategies. There’s no trying in leadership. You are a leader or you’re not. Bold marketing helps you take the lead by differentiating in a crowded and confusing marketplace.


Examples of business owners who are doing this right.


The Simplicity Principle Simplicity Principle -logo-orange

The founder of this company, Chloe St. Pierre-Grills, came up with this product idea to directly address the pain Small Business Owners associate with bookkeeping tasks (which of course lead to tax pain!). Brilliant. And it works. I tried it.

Check it out here: http://www.thesimplicityprinciple.ca/



Stiletto Dash

The founder of Stiletto Dash, Delilah Panio (a Stiletto Dasher herself) starteS-Dash-Logo_new1d this company to address the needs of women business travelers that were previously unmet. There was a big gap in the marketplace. Delilah was caught in it . She was the target market for her business. And, as Entrepreneurs do – she did something about it. Stiletto Dash is upgrading the business travel experience for women and enhancing their quality of life at the same time. Brilliant. And massively successful.

Check it out here: www.stilettodash.com



Distinctive AppliancesDistinctive Appliances logo_e

The best thing this company did to leverage the raw CE2.0 data of their target market (in my opinion) was to hire Jeannie Saskai as their Marketing and Business Development Manager. This company has been in the high-end appliance business since 1980, but since then, their marketplace has gotten a wee bit crowded. So they launched not only a showroom to display the appliances they have for sale, but a Kitchen Lifestyle Centre that is a fully integrated showroom and state-of-the-art culinary playground, complete with it’s own in-house chef. And they just launched a sold-out education series that helps their target market (Interior Designers and Decorators, Renovators and Home Builders) grow their own businesses. Brilliant.

Check out their profile on Houzz here: http://www.houzz.com/pro/distinctiveappliancesinc/distinctive-appliances-inc


A Common Thread

What’s common across these businesses? These Entrepreneurs built their businesses (and product offers) around the pain points and opportunities that were revealed in the raw CE2.0 data of their target markets.

Until next time ….

I wish you tremendous business success!


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