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Aligning with your purpose


We’re never far from our inner truth. In fact, it never left us. It is us who have left it.

Well, more accurately, it is us who have temporarily forgotten it.




The CORE VALUES RECONNECTION Methodology is the fusion of traditional business practices with new age awakening practices. Its core purpose is to help you identify, with laser-like precision, where along your journey you got disconnected from your core values so that your path to reconnection is illuminated like a landing strip is for an airplane.

When you’re reconnected to your CORE VALUES, The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology teaches you how to find clients who align with them. This one-two combination is a game changer in the world of business.

Do you want to play?

We’re ready when you are.

Why are you here?

You found your way to this page for a reason. Do you know what it is? Or is some other force at work directing you here?

Either way, you’re here to find an answer.

To find an answer to the question you keep circling back to.

That question is “Why is this* so hard?”

* “This” can be about finding or keeping clients, growing or sustaining your business, or dealing with employees, suppliers or other stakeholders. And while your “this” may feel unique to you, find comfort in knowing that it is a universal experience of anyone in a business relationship. Everyone in a business relationship.

The good news? We all ask it.

The better news? You already have the answer.

The difference between everyone else and you is that you are here, genuinely seeking an answer so you can stop the cycle of having to ask that question over and over again.

You’re likely also noticing several of the following things about yourself …

Patterns in what and who you complain about

Patterns in your thoughts that you know don’t serve you or those around you

Patterns in your actions that you feel you have no control over (but want to stop)

You regularly speak negatively about your self, your abilities or about the way you do things

You’re stuck in the “Why Zone” (Why me? Why this? Why now? etc.)

There’s an ache in your core that can only come from the feeling that something is holding you back but you don’t know what it is

The presence of these are an indication that either you are disconnected from your CORE VALUES or your business needs an alignment to them or both.

We're Ready When You Are

When you have the will to align your business or professional practice with your purpose, When you’re ready to find clients who share your core values, We will show you the way.