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About JoyfulProfit Resources

Leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

Our goal is big (gigantic even), but not insurmountable.

We believe it’s possible to have joy and profit in any business,

including yours.

This is good news for business owners and professionals who have struggled to find their groove in the sales arena. Don’t worry about finding your fit there – it just goes to show you that it wasn’t a universal platform. It wasn’t natural enough for you.

We are big believers in listening to your gut. It has more wisdom than we give it credit for.

Profit does not have to come at the expense of joy. Period. Suppliers can have both. And the way to JoyfulProfit is through The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.

The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 focus is the game changer.


Our Vision

To innovate the CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP so that both net a more profitable and more enjoyable experience and to influence business strategy and action so they include, at their core, The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.

Our Mission

 To pave the way for a better CLIENT-SUPPLIER EXPERIENCE; to teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses from The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.;  to look status-quo in the face and tell it it’s time for an upgrade!

Our Values

Being heard;  Being visible;  Being valued.

Exercising Empathy; Listening to Intuition.

Partnership, Contribution, Co-Creation.

Teaching, Self-directed learning.

Leading by example.

Ready to create joy and profit in Your Business?

We teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses by understanding and leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of their target market.