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Welcome to JoyfulProfit Resources


Are you a business owner and wish you had joy and profit in your business?


You can have both (at the same time) and we’ll show you how.



We work with Entrepatheurs™.


Business owners & leaders

who are ready to up-level themselves,

their businesses,

and the industries in which they provide their services;

who have been failed

by traditional sales and customer service methodologies.

to attain their personal and business goals.

We teach business owners and leaders in the following industries how to build joyful and profitable businesses by finding and keeping the clients who most align with their core values and purpose.

We do this with two proprietary methodologies, the combination of which is a game changer in the world of business:

1. CORE VALUES RECONNECTION™ Methodology (reconnecting business owners to their core values)

2. The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0™ Methodology (a new paradigm for selling)


Lawyers | Accountants | Engineers

Builders | Contractors | Trades   Designers & Decorators | Suppliers

Consultants | Trainers & Coaches   Other “Serial” Entrepreneurs
Coming Soon!

While SUPPLIERS in all industries could benefit from JoyfulProfit Resources (and we have lofty goals to help them all), we know we just can’t do it well if we’re scattered too thin. Our first focus is with SUPPLIERS in the industries listed above.

Don’t see your industry here? Contact us and we’ll help you introduce The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 concept in your industry.




The thing is, most business owners and leaders begin their businesses and invest themselves in their roles as a direct response of being aligned with their inner voice. Then, somewhere along the way, they lose that connection. It becomes a distant – or at best – fleeting memory. It happens to all of us.

The CORE VALUES RECONNECTION Methodology is a fusion of traditional business practices with new paradigm marketing and awakening practices. Not only will you be reconnected to your inner voice, you will, with humble eyes and heart, see tangible aspects of your business that were created when you were disconnected from this voice so that with the precision of an airplane coming in for landing, you can make course corrections in your business without enduring a crash landing.



It’s more than a semantic shift from what we have traditionally referred to as Client Experience Management.


It’s a paradigm shift.


CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. is the raw data that reveals the experience the client is already having. It is NOT the experience a SUPPLIER wants a client to have (traditional client experience framework).


The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. Methodology is going to change the way we sell.


The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology is not only going to change the face of the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship, it’s also going to change how you build and experience your own business.


When you learn how to attract clients who are aligned with your core values, all your business building challenges, threats, frustrations and anxieties literally DISAPPEAR. The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology teaches you how to recognize an aligned client when you meet one.

We're Ready When You Are


When you have the will to align your business or professional practice with your voice …

When you’re ready to find clients who share your core values …

We will show you the way.