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Leveraging the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0

CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Services for Renovation Contractors


Working with Homeowners

Qualifying Projects & The Quoting Process
You have a project lead. How you qualify the project (and the homeowner) could make or break your potential for joy and profit. If you find you’re wasting time on quotes because you’re only getting tire-kickers or if you want to increase your quote-to-win ratio, we can help. We have years of direct CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 with home renovations. We will teach you how to qualify a potential project before you invest significant time and money on the effort.
HINT: The qualifying and quoting process involves more than just numbers.
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First-Timer Toolkit for Renovation Contractors
Are you (is your company) in touch with what it is like to go through a home renovation for the first time? Does it matter? It sure does. That is, if you are interested in either sustaining or growing your revenue. The majority of your home renovation clients are likely to be renovating for the first time. And of those who are repeat renovators, most will still be first timers to renovating the room they are doing next.
First timers to anything bring a particular set of experiences to their purchase. These experiences are different from the set of experiences they bring to a repeat purchase. The first timer experience ingredients of note include:

  • Expectations
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Stories (often lots of them) of “those who have gone before” them.

BUT – perhaps the most important of these first timer experience ingredients is, that the first timer doesn’t know what they don’t know (they have a great deal of unconscious incompetence). They cannot ask about that which they do not know. This impacts your ability to satisfy them.
Imagine if you were able to leverage the rich EXPERIENCE data of a first timer, so that you could help them know that which they do not know they do not know. The knowing of which changes their entire experience. Don’t worry about how complicated this might sound. We’ve got it and we’ll show you how to get it too.
It would influence every client interface you and/or your company has, from advertising, marketing and sales, through all client-interfacing steps in implementing a renovation project, to building a referral program from homeowners thrilled with their renovation experience.
This Toolkit will help you learn to respond, rather than react to, first timer CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data (this is a game changer in the world of renovation project sales). This data is already there, but until now, has been unseen. We’ll show you how to see it.

Homeowner Communication Toolkit
Do you know the single biggest frustration home renovation clients have with their contractors and suppliers (aside from shoty work)?  Communication. It’s so important. You know that. We all know that. But as an industry, we are somehow still falling short on this.  Why? Because we’re seeing communications primarily from, or only from, our vantage point.
Ready to see it from the client’s vantage point?  We’ll show you how.
You likely have a roadmap (or process or timeline) for the technical aspects of your renovation projects. And it probably includes, in some form, a list of things you need to communicate to your clients about the project. Now, imagine if you had this same roadmap from the homeowner experience. The exact same project, through the eyes of a renovation client. Do you think it would influence how you communicate with your clients?  We’ll bet the bank that it would. And do you think if you communicated better with your clients, you’d have more joy and more profit in the project?  We’re certain that you would.
So now imagine that you not only have a roadmap of the renovation from the client’s view, but this roadmap also identifies all of the key points along the project to communicate with the client about the project – based on their needs for communication.
Let’s stay with this vision… because it really does get better! Imagine now that you have all of the templates (and scripts if you need them) related to these communications that homeowners need to feel good about their renovation project and about you as their contractor or supplier. Do you think your clients would like this?  You bet they would.
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Sales & Marketing Services

In your efforts to grow your business, do you ever feel like you’re chasing your own tail? Keep trying new things but they don’t really move your business forward? Find it hard to keep up with the battle for time? Wish you could be working on your business more (and not just in it?). We know all about this. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to get past these roadblocks. We can help you too.


Getting started

The single most important thing to do in the context of building a business is to define the services you wish to provide and to identify a target market that needs those services. The single most difficult thing to do in the context of building a business is to define the services you wish to provide and to identify a target market that needs those services. Why? Because it means having the courage to eliminate services and buyers that don’t fit with your business goals. We’ll help you take the fear out of this step so you can move forward with confidence and clarity knowing that your target market understands what you offer and how you’re different from others who claim to be able to do the same thing as you. Here’s how we do it.

Develop your “Go-to-Market” Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

(def.) Go-to-Market Strategy = Help people who need you, find you!

The easiest way to get somewhere is first to define where “somewhere” is. Then create a plan to get there. Destination Planning, or “start with the end in mind”. We’ve heard these clichés before and if you are going on a trip, they make perfect sense. But in the context of building a business, this might be the single biggest reason why small to mid-size business owners don’t go through a planning process.  It’s tedious and it creates more work than results.

Where’s your “somewhere”?services_checkmark

The route we’ll show you to your goals is different. Your results will be too.

  1. All about YOU  (What do you want to do and who should care?)
  2. All about your TARGET MARKET (Wallets: who, what, when, where, why, how)
  3. All about your PLAN (Create your path, unique to you)

We use the following proprietary systems and processes, designed for “non-marketers”, to help you get the results you need without first having to learn all the jargon.

  1. Target Market Confidence Builder & USP Identifier™
  2. Triple Find™ Exercises
  3. Market Point of Entry Matrix™
  4. Contact Opportunity Matrix™
  5. Key Message Matrix™

Go the Distance with The “Full Monty”

When you have a Go-to-Market Strategy, and you’re wise, you’ll seek help to implement it. After all, a plan is just a plan until you do something about it. Just like in your own line of work, the devil is in the details (i.e. what you find hidden in the walls). And just like one of your home renovation project plans, what you do is pretty predictable (i.e. this before that, follows a certain timeline and order) but how you do it is where the greatest opportunity for success (or failure) happens. Depending on the degree to which you are confident and competent with business development skills, we can help you:Devil-is-in-the-Details-300x300

  • Initiate conversations with contacts about their need for your service (even give you specific wording and scripts if you like!)
  • Prepare for a meeting with a potential client and debrief it afterwards (even go with you if you like!)
  • Access the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 data while you are engaged in a project (even give you checklists and scripts if you need them!)

Your marketing materials and communications make it easy for your prospective clients to understand you, see themselves in your solution and differentiate you based on value. We can hold your hand through the creation of all your marketing messages including:

  • Web content
  • Service related materials (i.e. checklists, education about your process etc.)
  • Client communications and correspondence

We’re with you every step of the way, there is no action too small for support.

Best Practices for Building Your Profile

We know that a big stumbling block to achieving business success is how you go about helping people who need you, find you (building your profile). Don’t worry, we’ve taking all the stumbling out of it. We have created a series of step-by-step tutorials to help you learn specific skills so you can make the most out of the following profile building actions:red_megaphone_0515-1003-2513-2243_SMU

  • Exhibiting at Tradeshows
  • Membership in a Trade or Industry Association
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Writing/Speaking (blogging)
  • Your virtual presence (leveraging your website, ratings sites etc.)

Building profile has a lot more to do with your audience than it does with you and what you have to offer. If you need help with any of these items, and you’re not too proud to ask for it, we’re here for you.

Alternatively, you could stand on a street corner with a sandwich board and a megaphone and let us know how that goes.

When Business Growth Leads to Hiring

Quality Control so you can “Let Go”

When you’re ready to expand your business and bring other people on board, you’ll need a number of systems and processes in place to protect your brand. Especially if you’ve already invested significant time and effort in building a JoyfulProfit business, rooted in The CLIENT-EXPERIENCE 2.0 approach. We can help with all of it.


CLIENT-EXPERIENCE 2.0 Franchise Toolkit

  • Creating and documenting CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 processes for others to follow
  • Delivering CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 training programs for staff (or subcontractors, trades and other alliances)
  • Creating client communication templates and tools for others to follow
  • Leadership and mangement support



How To “Help” Homeowners Pay You What You’re Worth

Getting homeowners to value what you do when they don’t really understand what you do and all that goes into doing it. One of the biggest challenges interior designers and decorators face in growing their businesses. I’ve summarized the key points from designer Glen Peloso’s seminar at SOFA earlier this month. Lot’s of raw CE2.0 data in here – is your receiver tuned to this frequency?

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