If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll recognize that I write about the distinction betweenwhat you do and how you do it regularly. That’s because it’s in the how you do what you do that you can truly differentiate yourself.  It’s your strongest defense in a crowded, mature marketplace. And it’s where you’ll add the most value to your clients.

Here are two additional ways to leverage the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of your business buyer clients (remember, that’s the EXPERIENCE they are already having, not the one you want them to have) to add value to them and differentiate yourself in the process.

When your buyer is in a people management role

If your buyer is responsible for others in their organization, then they have all sorts of ‘human capital’ issues to manage at any given time – like hiring, training and motivating their staff – on top of the functional responsibilities they have. Have you ever considered how you might help them with the management side of their role? Here are some examples that are sure to differentiate you:

  1. Simply be an ear for them when they need to vent about the people on their team. Offer perspective and insight if you have their permission to offer it.
  2. Listen for opportunities to help them with team training initiatives and then offer to help them with that by speaking/presenting to their team or by providing checklists and tip sheets.
  3. When you’re also in a management role, you have something in common so talk about your challenges and successes and share best practices. It’s a great way to build/solidify a relationship.

When your buyer is in a sales role

If your buyer is in a sales role, they have all the same pressures you experience while trying to build your practice. Have you ever considered how you might build a relationship based on that commonality? Here are some examples:

  1. They have targets to meet, they need to build their network and profile and establish relationships – all the things you do as well. It provides you with a great opportunity to empathize with them and share your strategies and best practices.
  2. It’s also a great learning ground for you – especially if your business buyer is a great sales role model. Be genuinely interested in how they do what they do and you can learn not only more about them but also about best practices in selling.

Do these strategies seem simple? They are. In fact, sales strategies should be simple, or what I prefer to call ‘natural’. Just remember to invest in understanding the EXPERIENCE your client is already having, which incidentally, often has very little to do with what you do (the technical part of the work you do), and everything to do with how you can implement your services.

I wish you good business success!



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