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We’re up to the big task here.  We are innovating the CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP by changing the conversation (and our actions) about how clients and suppliers relate to each other.  These Blogs provide practical and specific examples of how to apply the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology by industry (or market segment). Read them and apply them today. Notice a change in your mindset about building your business and a change in your results – immediately!

Your voice is important here.  Your contributions are welcome.  Be part of this change.  Please feel free to post comments and links to other bodies of work that will enhance this dialogue.

What’s your CLIENT-EXPERIENCE 2.0 Advantage?

Unless your flooring company has the exclusive distribution rights to the hottest and most popular trend going, you’re vying for business just like everyone else. And if you can’t complete with mega marketing and advertising budgets of the big box stores or even the ‘other’ big floor covering companies, you need an advantage.

Working IN vs Working ON Your Business: What’s the right mix?

Google this topic and you will be presented with various takes on the matter – all concluding that if you want to grow your business, you have to work ON and not just IN your business. But what’s the magic formula for ON vs IN? And is that even the right question to be asking?

Selling to Business Buyers Who Lead From a Non-Authoritative Position

Have you ever been in a situation where the contact you have a relationship with wants to hire you, but he/she is not in a position to do so directly? I’ve been in this situation myself many times. And it presents many opportunities to add value and differentiate – but only if you see it through The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Lens.

Understanding The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a Business Buyer

Selling to or servicing a business buyer (someone who purchases products or services as part of their job or role in their company)? Ahhh, then your job is chock full of opportunities to add value and differentiate yourself in the process by helping them with their agenda, which by the way, may have little to do with the ‘thing’ you are being hired to do.

Why Do Business Buyers Hire Suppliers (and why should you care)?

You got the mandate (or the file), congratulations! You likely think you’re at the table because of the relationship you have built with your client and the skills that you bring to their business challenge or opportunity. You’re partly right. There’s more to it though. And guess what? The other part has nothing to do with you!

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