LEAP Adult Learning System

Leveraging Adult Learning Principles

How adults learn

  1. Adults learn best in real-time applied settings (not in role-play or fictional settings and not in one-off workshops or group training sessions).

  2. These applied settings should be offered as multiple, bite-sized learning sessions spaced over time.

  3. Learning format and content needs to be interactive, practical and immediately actionable.

  4. There must be an opportunity to practice new skills between learning sessions to help participants apply and integrate what they have learned.

  5. And we know that the success of an adult learning initiative rests almost completely on how the learner is supported to apply what they have learned:

    • Access to the Program Facilitator (leader) on an as needed basis throughout the Program, and

    • Accountability and support from an organization’s leadership to participate fully in the learning initiative.

Non-sales professionals learn sales skills in this order:

  1. Increase competence:  Often an increase in competence is assumed to occur after participating in a training initiative. But training does not automatically yield learning. TRAINING is when knowledge is transferred from trainer to learner but LEARNING only takes place when the adult invests in themselves and engages in/partners with the training activity. Competence increases when learning takes place.

  2. Increase confidence:  Confidence follows when the learner experiences success implementing his/her newly learned skills.  This requires practical support to implement (take action) what he/she has learned.

  3. Make a commitment: Early success from applying new skills instills commitment to the process and a desire to learn more. It fuels the personal development cycle, which in turn, is the fuel for developing a new work culture.

LEAP Adult Learning® System

The LEAP Adult Learning® system, designed with this knowledge in mind, provides the context within which to design and implement adult learning initiatives for successful and sustainable outcomes, for both learners and for those who develop the curriculum for these learning program. The LEAP Adult Learning® system also leverages the very powerful way our inner voice controls our actions (whether we’re conscious of it or not). The system is comprised of two fundamental tools:

  1. LEAP Opportunity worksheets

  2. LEAP Adult Learning Curriculum Design process 

LEAP Opportunity worksheets

Each of our adult training and coaching programs include LEAP Opportunity worksheets to encourage participants to:

Learn:  Absorb the transfer of knowledge; includes all of the educational content related to the topic. Experience: Reflect on a time in the past when having this new knowledge would have better helped them achieve their goal(s); and then think of someone who demonstrates this skill well and identify what can be learned from them.

Apply: Identify what they will do differently going forward (how they will apply what they have learned).

Practice: Make commitments about when and with whom they will practice these new skills.

LEAP Adult Learning® Curriculum Design process

The route you take to develop your firm’s talent is directly related to what you want to accomplish and to the outcomes you seek. We help learning content developers build learning programs that achieve a variety of goals and outcomes:

  1. Individual Results: Produce a measurable difference for the one participating – or –

  2. Integrated Results: Ensure the development opportunity is integrated within your firm’s learning and development framework and other programs offered – or –

  3. Sustainable Results: Create sustainable change in your firm through a mindset and culture shift – or –

  4. All of the above.

Which outcome do you seek?


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